What the industry is saying:

Simulates the positive effects of weather and time, while in reality, being brand new and ready for years of use.

...looks aged but is very durable.

The look, the fact that it is environmentally friendly and able to do it faster.

Great patina effect without waiting years. Like that it’s done in long-lasting, high-quality, powder coat paint.

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Who is this course for:

This course is not for everyone

  • Established Coaters

    This is not for someone looking to get into powder coating. If you need to start making money today with no skills this is probably too advanced. You must have some mastery of their gun and the dynamics of coating.

  • A Passion for The Craft

    We're looking for ambitious coaters ready to break into new markets that are currently only available to the liquid & chemical markets with more than just a passing curiosity for creating artistic finishes.

  • Seeking Market Diversity

    Are you looking to differentiate yourself in the marketplace? These coating challenge the status quo. The ideal student is one who has an established client base and ready to broaden to expand service offerings.

Included in the course

You will be sent everything you will need to create these beautiful finishes right out of the box. It will be shipped to your door as soon before the course begins. Additional supplies & powders are available for purchase from CoaterFX.com

  • Specific color pallet of CoaterFX powders & supplies

  • Samples & metal blanks to practice on after and work from.

  • Marketing materials to mail to your favorite clients

  • Coater FX Tee & Trucker Hat

  • One-to-one coaching session with RossKote

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why teach this course?

    It was August 2018 when our innovative patina powder coating was created for the Keala O Wailea development located in Kihei, Maui. We were excited to reveal such an exciting new look. But beyond offering it to our own clients we thought… could we teach this as a course to other powder coaters?

  • What if I have questions during the course?

    You will get to chat with other class members where will can discuss troubleshooting. Your coach will make himself available for one on one during specified office hours during the course.

  • What's included in the course?

    When you join CoaterFx you will learn an innovative technique to powder coating that’s new to the architectural coatings market to help your company stand out from the crowd and generate 4x more income. This course shows you how to do apply advanced powder coat technique called Patina Powder Coat Effect.

  • What comes with the course?

    In this course, we give the exact powders, materials, cure times and methods we use to create our Patina Powder Coat. The course includes pdfs on the materials list and basic step by step application in detail. You will be sent sample powders, pre-made samples & other materials to get started.

  • Who is this course for?

    Well, it might be easier to tell you who it’s not for… This course is not for people who are just getting started on powder coating. You need to be confident in your coating skills and preferably a solid handle on your gun settings. This course is not for industrial clients or large manufacturing lines. We are available for consulting please contact us directly. The concepts taught here are for custom powder coaters with established clientele or are ready to open up new markets in their area. We plan on offering additional powder effects techniques as either a bonus to the course or as separately offered classes.

  • Who is my instructor?

    Top-ranked powder coater Ross Scott is the owner of Maui Powder Works and the creator of Patina Powder Coating© method and other Powder Effects©. Intrigued by the ability to use industrial powder coatings as a creative force in the production of luxury looks in the manufacturing process, he credits his outcome to his unique background in faux finishing techniques he learned as a master painter before getting into the metal coating business.

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